Confronting a New Reality — Guilford, Connecticut: A Case Study in Building Resilience

This 11-minute video case study documents efforts by officials in Guilford, Connecticut, together with The Nature Conservancy, to develop a Community Coastal Resilience Plan. The video includes interviews with a number of key participants, including: state officials who were part of the Connecticut Shoreline Preservation Task Force, which conducted hearings in communities across the state to assess their level of preparedness to deal with future extreme storms; local officials and homeowners in Guilford; and the director of science at The Nature Conservancy.

You can access Guilford’s Community Coastal Resilience Plan here.

Additional documents:

PowerPoint: Going Deeper into Guilford’s Community Coastal Resilience Plan
Enhancing Resilience to Extreme Weather and Sea-Level Rise: State Actions
Effective Resiliency Planning for Cities
Regional Alliances and Partnerships for Resiliency


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